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Saint Charles Lwanga

Saint Charles Lwanga was a 19th century Ugandan Catholic martyr who became a symbol of opposition to oppression and discrimination in Ugandan Church and society. He is venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church and is commemorated on June 3.

Saint Charles Lwanga

Origins and life

Charles Lwanga was born in 1865 in Buganda, a central African kingdom that was then part of the British Empire. He was born into a family of courtiers in the court of King Mutesa I. Like many other children of the court, Charles was educated in the traditions and culture of the kingdom, including the local animist religion.

However, in 1877 Catholic missionaries arrived in Buganda and began converting the locals to the Catholic faith. Charles Lwanga was one of the first children of the court to convert, influenced by the teachings of the missionaries and by his own thirst for spirituality.

As a Christian, Charles began to live by more ethical standards than those of the court. He refused to participate in the sexual and homosexual activities that were common in the king's court, which angered the king and other courtiers.


In 1885, Mwanga II, who had succeeded Mutesa I, became increasingly hostile towards Catholic missionaries and their converts, viewing conversion to Christianity as a threat to royal power and local culture. Missionaries were expelled from the kingdom and converts were persecuted.

Charles Lwanga was arrested along with several other Christians and taken to a prison where they were tortured and ill-treated. They were forced to work in inhumane conditions and were constantly threatened with being burned alive if they did not renounce their faith.

Despite these threats, Charles and his companions refused to renounce their Christian faith. Finally, on June 3, 1886, they were burned at the stake, becoming the martyrs of Uganda.


The death of Charles Lwanga and the other Uganda Martyrs finally led to a realization of the horrors of religious persecution around the world. Their sacrifice has also inspired generations of Catholics in Uganda and around the world to live their faith with courage and determination, even in the most difficult times.

Charles Lwanga is revered as a saint in the Catholic Church today and is commemorated on June 3, the anniversary of his martyrdom. It is also seen as a symbol of opposition to oppression and discrimination, both in the Church and in society at large.

In 1964 Pope Paul VI visited Uganda and beatified Charles Lwanga.

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