Saint Antoine de Padoue

Saint Anthony of Padua

Saint Anthony of Padua was a 13th century Franciscan priest. He was also known as Saint Anthony of Lisbon, as he was born in Lisbon, Portugal.

Antoine studied at the University of Paris and became a Franciscan priest in 1220. He spent several years preaching and teaching in France and Italy, and was known for his great intelligence and his devotion to God.

In 1231 Antony was sent on a mission to North Africa to try to convert Muslims to the Catholic faith. He worked for several years in this region, but was eventually forced to return to Italy due to the violence and persecution he suffered.

Anthony became a popular preacher in Italy and was known for his passionate sermons and his devotion to poverty and simplicity. He is also known for his miracles and miraculous healings, which contributed to his popularity among the faithful.

Anthony was canonized by Pope Gregory IX in 1232 and became a highly revered saint of the Catholic Church. His feast day is celebrated on June 13 and he is considered the patron saint of the poor and travellers. He is often depicted in religious art with a wooden cross on his shoulders, symbolizing his devotion to poverty.

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