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Saint Valentine, patron saint of lovers

Valentin was born in the 3rd century in Terni, Italy, into a Christian family. He was brought up in the Christian faith and from an early age showed exceptional qualities of piety and charity towards others.

Growing up, Valentin pursued his religious vocation and became a priest. He was known for his compassion towards the sick, the poor and the needy. It is said that he healed the sick through prayer and performed miracles.

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At that time, Emperor Claudius II ruled the Roman Empire and banned soldier marriages, as he believed single men made better soldiers. Valentine, believing in the sacrament of marriage, secretly performed weddings for young lovers, thus defying the emperor's ban.

When Emperor Claudius II discovered Valentin's actions, he was arrested and imprisoned. In prison, Valentin continued to show his faith and his love for others. It is said that he miraculously healed his jailer's blind daughter and many other miracles took place through his prayers.

On February 14, the day of Saint Valentine, Valentin was martyred. Hagiographic accounts differ as to the method of his martyrdom, with some saying he was beheaded, while others claim he was beaten to death. Whatever the exact manner of his martyrdom, he is unanimously recognized as having sacrificed his life for his faith and for the love of others.

The Miracles:

Healing the blind girl:

According to legend, while Valentin was in prison, his jailer's blind daughter was brought before him. Touched by the distress of the young girl, Valentin would have prayed for her and she would have miraculously regained her sight.

Miraculous Letters:

It is said that Valentine wrote a letter of encouragement to a young woman telling her to stay true to her faith and not fear persecution. The letter is said to have been miraculously preserved and found years later, bringing consolation and hope to those who read it.

Cure of diseases:

Valentine's Day is often invoked for the healing of illnesses. The faithful believe in his intercession to obtain physical and spiritual healing. Popular tales tell of miraculous healings attributed to his prayer.

Protection against evil spirits:

It is said that Saint Valentine has the power to drive away evil forces and protect the faithful from harmful influences. It is said that those who pray with devotion on Valentine's Day are protected from demonic forces.

    After his death, Valentine became a symbol of love and romance. It is said that he left a farewell note for his jailer's daughter, signed "Your Valentine", which is believed to be the origin of Valentine's Day greeting cards.

    Valentine's fame as a saint spread rapidly, and he was venerated as a martyr and intercessor for lovers and couples. His tomb in Terni has become a place of pilgrimage, where many devotees go to seek the intercession of Saint Valentine in their romantic relationships.

    The celebration of Valentine's Day has spread around the world, and it is now associated with the exchange of gifts, flowers and romantic greeting cards. However, it is important to remember that the true meaning of Valentine's Day lies in selfless love, care and compassion towards others.

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