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The Holy Lance

The Holy Lance, also known as the Lance of Destiny or Lance of Longinus, is a Christian relic that is believed to have been used to pierce the side of Jesus during his crucifixion. This spear has become an important relic in Christianity, and is associated with many stories, legends and beliefs.

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The history of the Holy Lance dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. According to tradition, it was used to pierce the side of Jesus while he was on the cross. This gesture was performed by a Roman soldier named Longinus, who was said to have been blinded by the divine light that emanated from the body of Jesus when he pierced his side.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, the Holy Lance was transferred to Jerusalem, where it was kept in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre. It then passed through the hands of various powers, including the Byzantines, Franks and Ottomans. It was eventually transferred to Vienna, where it is kept today in the imperial treasury of St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The Holy Lance is associated with many myths and legends. According to some tales, those who possess it have the power to defeat their enemies. It is also considered a symbol of resurrection and eternal life, due to its association with the pierced side of Jesus.

The Holy Lance has also been associated with significant historical events. It was used by the Franks during the Battle of Crécy in 1346, where they won a decisive victory over the English. It was also used by the King of France Charlemagne during the conquest of Italy in 774.

The Holy Lance has also inspired many works of art, such as paintings, sculptures and songs. She has also been mentioned in many books and movies, such as "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco.

The Holy Lance continues to attract believers and seekers around the world, who seek to unlock the mysteries and secrets of this sacred relic. Although its authenticity is questioned by some, it remains an important relic for many Christians, who see it as a powerful symbol of Christ's death and resurrection.

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La Sainte Lance est restée à Jérusalem. Les autres lances sont des copies


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