Saint Amerine was a saint of the Middle Ages, known to have lived in the 6th century. She was originally from the town of Saintes, Aquitaine, France.

There is little information known about her life, but it is known that she was the daughter of Gontran, King of Burgundy, and Sichilde, a Burgundian princess. She had a brother, Saint Gontran, who also became a saint.

Amerine was raised in the Christian faith and decided to dedicate her life to God. She joined a monastery, where she devoted her time to prayer and Bible study. She was also known for her great charity towards the poor and the sick, and she was considered a saint by the people of her town.

After her death, Amerine was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church and became known as Saint Amerine. His feast day is celebrated on January 23.

In addition to her holiness, Amerine is also known for her beauty and grace. She is often depicted in religious art, usually praying or distributing food to the poor.

Although little information is available about her life, Saint Amerine has remained an important figure in the history of the Catholic religion and is honored by many faithful throughout the world.

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