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Saint Rose of Lima

Saint Rose of Lima, also known as Santa Rosa de Lima, was a 17th-century Peruvian mystic and ascetic. She is considered South America's first saint, and is venerated as a patron saint of Peru, Latin America, and gardeners. Here is a glimpse into the life and legacy of Saint Rose of Lima.


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Youth of Saint Rose of Lima

Rose de Lima was born in Lima, Peru in 1586. She was the daughter of Gaspar Flores, a Spanish soldier, and Maria de Oliva, a Peruvian mother. From an early age, Rose showed great interest in prayer and spirituality. She was influenced by the life and teachings of Saint Catherine of Siena, whose biography she read at the age of ten.

Rose decided to dedicate her life to God by becoming a nun. However, her parents tried to marry her several times, but Rose refused all suitors, preferring to devote herself to religious life. To deter suitors, Rose decided to mutilate her face by applying harsh oils and using needles to poke holes in her skin. She also slept on pieces of glass and stone.

Religious life of Saint Rose of Lima

At the age of 20, Rose joined the Dominican Third Order and began to live a life of prayer and austerity. She devoted her time to prayer, meditation and the practice of penance. She also worked as a seamstress to support her family and to help the poor and sick.

Rose built a small cell in her parents' garden, where she lived as a recluse for years. She suffered from many illnesses and trials during her life, but she always kept her faith and determination. She was known for her mystical ecstasies and for her ability to communicate with angels and saints.

Legacy of Saint Rose of Lima

Saint Rose of Lima died in Lima, Peru, in 1617, at the age of 31. She was canonized by Pope Clement X in 1671, becoming South America's first saint.

The legacy of Saint Rose of Lima continues today, with many shrines and churches dedicated to her memory. She is revered as a patron saint of Peru, Latin America, and gardeners, due to her love for gardens and plants.


After his death in 1617, his tomb became a place of pilgrimage for Catholics around the world. The relics of Saint Rose of Lima have been preserved since then and are venerated in many shrines around the world.

The relics of Saint Rose of Lima include parts of her body, personal items and documents related to her life. Parts of his body that have been preserved include his skull, bones, and hair. These relics have been kept in ornate reliquaries and venerated in churches and shrines around the world.

Among the personal objects of Saint Rose of Lima that have been preserved are her rosary, her belt, her prayer book and a cotton tunic that she wore. These objects are often exhibited during special celebrations in honor of the saint.

Documents related to the life of Saint Rose of Lima have also been preserved, including letters she wrote to her spiritual director, testimonies of people who witnessed her life of piety, and portraits of the saint. These documents have been used to study his life and spirituality, as well as to establish shrines in his honor.

The relics of Saint Rose of Lima have been venerated in many places around the world, including Peru, Spain, Italy, Argentina and the United States. The Sanctuary of Saint Rose of Lima in Lima, Peru, is the most important and most visited of all the shrines dedicated to the saint. Thousands of pilgrims come to this sanctuary every year to venerate the relics of Saint Rose of Lima and ask for her intercession.

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