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Saint Lazarus of Bethany: An Enigmatic Biblical Figure

Saint Lazarus of Bethany is an iconic figure in the Bible, best known for his central role in one of the most famous miracles attributed to Jesus Christ. His story, as recounted in the New Testament, raises intriguing questions and offers rich insights into faith, resurrection, and the relationship between Jesus and his disciples.

Saint Lazarus reliquary
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Biblical Context

Lazarus of Bethany appears in the Gospel of John, chapters 11 and 12. He is introduced as the brother of Martha and Mary, two women who are also devoted followers of Jesus. The story of Lazarus reaches its climax when Jesus, informed of Lazarus' serious illness, arrives in Bethany after the latter's death.

The Miracle of the Resurrection

The story depicts the intense emotion surrounding the death of Lazarus. When Jesus arrived in Bethany, Martha said to him: “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Jesus' emotional reaction to the death of Lazarus is one of the most famous passages in the Bible: "Jesus wept." This display of compassion and humanity is one of the most poignant aspects of the story.

Despite the doubts of some spectators, Jesus goes to Lazarus' tomb and orders that the stone closing it be removed. It is then that Jesus says the iconic words: “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus emerges from the tomb, alive and well, demonstrating the miraculous power of Jesus over life and death.

Symbolic Meaning

The story of Lazarus of Bethany is rich in symbolic meaning. Some view Lazarus as a symbol of sinful humanity and the need for Jesus' grace for spiritual resurrection. His physical resurrection is interpreted as a foreshadowing of the ultimate resurrection that will take place at the end of time.

The Relationship with Jesus

Lazarus, Martha and Mary were close friends of Jesus. When Lazarus is sick, his sisters send a message to Jesus to warn him of the situation. The fact that Jesus wept at the death of Lazarus testifies to the depth of his love for his friends. This special relationship with the Bethany family highlights the human nature of Jesus and his emotional investment in the lives of his disciples.

Legacy and Commemoration

The figure of Lazarus of Bethany has left a lasting imprint on the Christian tradition. His resurrection is celebrated as a sign of Jesus' divine authority and power. Some saints and theologians have also meditated on the story of Lazarus, using it as a source of inspiration for the deeper understanding of faith and eternal life.


The story of Lazarus of Bethany offers a powerful perspective on life, death, and resurrection. It highlights the compassion of Jesus, his special relationship with his disciples, and the promise of eternal life for those who believe in him. As a biblical character, Lazarus remains an enigmatic and captivating figure, sparking thought and inspiration across generations.

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