Sainte Françoise de Rome-RELICS

Saint Frances of Rome

Saint Frances of Rome, also known as Saint Frances Romaine, was a 4th-century Catholic nun and saint. She was born into a noble family in Rome and was the daughter of Tranquillinus, a Roman patrician, and Martha, a pious and charitable woman.

As a child, Françoise was known for her beauty, her intelligence and her devotion to God. She also had a great sense of humor and was much loved by all who knew her.

At the age of 12, Françoise was married to a wealthy and powerful man named Valentin, who was himself a devout Christian. However, Françoise did not want to get married and intended to dedicate her life to God. She therefore opposed this marriage and ended up convincing Valentin to let her enter the convent.

Once in the convent, Françoise devoted herself entirely to prayer and helping the poor. She was known for her generosity and kindness, and spent a lot of time caring for the sick and helping the less fortunate.

Due to her devotion and kindness, Françoise quickly became very popular and attracted many supporters. She ended up founding a convent of nuns who lived according to the principles of charity, simplicity and poverty.

During her life, Françoise also performed many miracles and healed many people thanks to her faith and prayer. She is considered one of the greatest saints of the Catholic Church and is celebrated every year on July 9.

Saint Françoise is best known for her unconditional love for the poor and the suffering, and for her devotion to God. She is considered a model of compassion and generosity, and is revered as the patroness of girls and married women.

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